revolve magazine, July 2015 Issue 156

revolve Magazine, July 2015. Issue 156.

July’s edition of revolve includes the following articles:

  • Product Stewardship. Adele Rose summarises the outcomes from the recent Tyre Industry Summit and asks the
    Government to play its part.
  • Is the waste industry failing its customer. Jenny Marshall asks whether the waste industry is doing enough to help businesses who want to minimise their environmental footprint.
  • Container Deposits:  What’s the incentive? Dorte Wray highlights the success of container deposit systems and explores the
    potential for introducing a similar scheme in New Zealand..
  • Recycled aggregate research gets a green light. The recycled aggregate research project at the University of Auckland is a collaboration between local government, academia, central government and industry. Stacy Goldsworthy outlines the project.
  • New directions in risk assessment. Bart Eklund and Susan Hou discuss the
    challenge of working on contaminated sites that contain emerging or novel contaminants
    and share a Californian case study.
  • Stop, collaborate and listen.  Kelli Sullivan shares seven steps to stakeholder engagement and guides us though an effective process.
  • PLUS all the regular features and much more!