March’s edition of revolve includes the following topical and informative articles:

  • Foodstuffs’ Food Waste. Foodstuffs launched a national waste minimisation programme in 2014. Jennifer Elliott shares their results.
  • Home Composting. Educating and empowering the community to take up composting. Richard Lee covers the Compost Collective. 
  • Rural Waste. Fraser Scott and Isla Hepburn outline progress towards long-term solutions for rural waste.
  • The HAIL Register. Michelle Begbie from Waikato Regional Council uncovers the myth, the legend and the reality.
  • Success at Benmore. Terre Maize and Matthew Walker outline the steps taken in a successful mercury and asbestos removal project.
  • Safer Manual Handling. Does experience have implications for designing a manual handling training programme? Ergonomics expert, Mark Boocock investigates.
  • Plus all the regular features and much more!