Revolve Mayrevolve Magazine, May 2015. Issue 155.

May’s edition of revolve includes the following articles:

  • Product Stewardship. Adele Rose, from 3R writes that in the future product stewardship should be the norm not the exception.
  • Big Hanna joins the Navy. Jenny Marshall, describes the Navy’s efforts at Devonport to reduce food waste.
  • Why the industry needs to find its voice. Tom Nickels, Managing Director of Waste Management NZ says the waste industry should take a stronger leadership position in environmental debate.
  • Mobile phone recycling. Despite a mobile phone recycling scheme being in operation since 2009, one in four Kiwis still don’t know how to recycle them. Jackie Clark, from the TCF provides an update on the path to a national scheme.
  • The Numbers Game. Alec McNeil, Solid Waste Manager at Marlborough District Council writes about the case for a sorting facility.
  • Plastic bags! What should we do with them? If you stash plastic bags in the cupboard after the weekly shop – then read this article from Mike Ritchie.
  • PLUS all the regular features and much more!