May 2016 CoverMay’s edition of revolve includes the following articles May 2016 Cover

  • Manage your risks. Greg Dearsly provides practical information on managing your health and safety.
  • High flier.  Paul Evans investigates a world first for biosecurity and airport waste reduction.
  • Cool composting. Paul Evans interviews We Compost founder Steve Rickerby to find out more about his mission to make composting cool.
  • Contaminated soil.  Zeljko Viljevac explores the issues related to contaminated soil disposal in landfills.
  • Inorganic collection.  Marty Hoffart reports on how charities and communities are benefiting from Auckland’s revamped inorganic waste collection methods.
  • Food waste. What should we be doing to make a difference with food waste here in Aotearoa? Paul Evans asks for your input.
  • Plus all the regular features and much more