revolve Magazine, October 2015. Issue 157.revolve October 2015

October’s edition of revolve includes the following articles:

  • Waste treatment technology. Andy Street outlines the role of waste treatment technology in the circular economy.
  • Safety: the three key steps.  Does the new legislation mean safety at any cost? Wendi Croft explains the three key steps you need to take to be seen as ‘reasonably practicable’
  • Auckland’s journey towards zero waste. Ian Stupple shares some key learnings from the biggest recycling procurement ever seen in New Zealand.
  • Big retail goes green.  A quiet waste reduction revolution has been taking place at Briscoe Group. Jenny Marshall interviewed them to find out more.
  • How to find funding.  Gwilym van Hoffen with some practical advice on applying for grants to fund your waste minimisation project.
  • Accreditation is the key. Simon Hunt provides an update on the progress towards a contaminated land certification programme.
  • A positive approach. Andrew Hewett discusses the benefits of voluntary product stewardship.
  • Plus all the regular features and much more!