revolve-coverOctober’s edition of revolve includes the following topical and informative articles:

  • Better business case. Chris Purchas explains how the Better Business Case framework provides a useful approach to assessing potential projects
  • Are we doing the best we can? Aurecon present three case studies to examine the impact of the new regulations covering asbestos containing materials.
  • Composting odours. Craig Coker outlines strategies for minimising odour and its spread.
  • Rates funded or pay-per-throw? A change of heart from former user-pays fan Marty Hoffart.
  • Free store fights food waste. This not-for-profit organisation redistributes edible surplus food to those who need it.
  • Litter-less lunches. Jenny Marshall reports on a new project that helps schools recycle plastic food wrapping.
  • Landfill aftercare. Mark Milke attended an international landfill research symposium and found that postclosure monitoring of landfills is a hot topic.
  • Plus all the regular features and much more!