October’s edition of revolve magazine includes the following topical and informative articles:

  • BURNING ISSUE. Is burning waste to generate energy a good solution? Duncan Wilson and Dominic Hogg see if it stacks up as an option.
  • TACKLING THE TOUGH PROBLEMS. Eugenie Sage sets out the Government’s new programme of work to address our rubbish record on waste.
  • E-WASTE: WHAT CAN WE LEARN FROM AUSTRALIA? Warren Overton draws on the Australian experience to identify the key elements for a successful e-waste programme.
  • PFAS: A RISK FOR NEW ZEALAND? Grant Northcott and Louis Tremblay report on the risks of and the research and regulation needed for these widely used chemicals.
  • A STRATEGY FOR A CIRCULAR ECONOMY. Paul Evans explains why a strategy is needed, so we don’t just feel good about what we’re doing but make sure we do good as well.
  • GETTING THE FACTS STRAIGHT. Amid scaremongering, Mayor Dave Cull clarifies LGNZ’s position on the Local Government Waste Manifesto.
  • Plus all the regular features and much more!