Presenters: Russ Martin, Global Product Stewardship Council
Presentation title: Roles of regulation and leadership in product stewardship

Debate over the role and extent of regulatory intervention is integral to the development of product stewardship and extended producer responsibility (EPR) schemes globally. These debates and program experience can provide a wealth of insight for New Zealand as New Zealand considers designating priority products for product stewardship.     In New Zealand and Australia, there has traditionally been a focus on voluntary approaches that provide a great deal of flexibility but can be somewhat limited in their outcomes.     Australia has introduced co-regulatory approaches for packaging under the Australian Packaging Covenant and for certain electronics under the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme. Co-regulatory schemes, however, can take considerable time and money to develop and assess various options to provide meaningful advice to decision makers.     Recently, concerted efforts to develop comprehensive product stewardship approaches for batteries in Australia and the U.S. have focused on the role of regulation in helping to make schemes viable by addressing free riders. Industry views can be split, with strong supporters and opponents debating regulation, enforcement and impacts on program costs.     The U.S. paint industry has gained program control and greater opportunity to control program costs by developing model legislation and lobbying for its adoption. As a result, the industry has gained the basis for a nationally consistent approach on its own terms. Key battery producers recently introduced similar model legislation in the U.S.     In Canada, producers of electronics and packaging have initiated respective efforts to try to harmonise regulation and implementation in order to control program costs. These efforts have raised serious issues about ownership of recovered materials and respective roles of governments and industry.     This presentation will provide case studies of these programs and address their implications for the development and implementation of product stewardship in New Zealand.
Event: WasteMINZ Conference 2014

Date: Wednesday 23 October 2014