Presenters: Steve Rickerby, We Compost

Presentation title: Scraps as currency – behavioural change campaign

Scraps as Currency” is a behavioural change campaign facilitated by We Compost with funding from the Auckland Council Waste Minimisation and Innovation Fund.     We Compost is a commercial collection service for post consumer food waste with around 150 hospitality and corporate customers. They are currently diverting around 7- 10 tonnes of food waste from landfill for composting each week.    The idea behind the campaign is to seed a change in the public perception of food waste by attaching a value to it. The benefits of diverting food waste from landfill are significant but not widely understood by the public. This campaign aims to highlight the environmental benefits of diversion at the same time as promoting the actions of ‘We Compost’ customers to the wider public.    The first weekend of September 2014 will be known as the #WeCompostWeekend. Over this weekend, the public will be able to trade food waste for goods and services provided by We Compost customers. 30,000 pla lined paper bags will be distributed to the public either directly or via We Compost corporate and hospitality customers.   Each bag has clever designs from local artists that tell the story of why businesses are composting and that if the bag is returned with food scraps it can be exchanged for goods and services.  The weekend will be promoted via posters at cafes and corporate customers and via media space ‘purchased’ with the bags.  On the weekend, participating ‘scrap dealers’ will have designated bins for the redeemed bags which will then be collected with the regular ‘We Compost’ collection for composting at Envirofert.

Event: WasteMINZ Conference 2014

Date: Tuesday 22 October 2014