The purpose of this survey was to identify the frequency and severity of injuries in the Solid Waste and Recoverable Resources sector that can be attributed to different collection methods.

The report consists of a number of sections describing the background to the research, the data collection process, some key findings and supporting tables generated from the collected data. It also includes a taxonomy analysis of the results.


ACC’s levy payer database has a significant number of companies and contractors listed in Solid Waste and Recoverable Resources sector. However it is believed that many additional companies and contractors may, in fact, be listed under another industry classification, such as general haulage/cartage. As such, it is difficult for ACC to ascertain which claims and related costs can truly be attributed to the sector.

The objective of this research was to provide ACC with information about the types and causes of accidents and injuries that workers in the Solid Waste and Recoverable Resources sector had suffered in the year 2007 in order to help establish the human, social and financial cost of workplace injuries for the Solid Waste and Recoverable Resources industry in New Zealand.