Presenter: Martin Robertson, Z Energy

Presentation title: Ten things a SQEP would know

The requirement for suitably qualified and experienced practitioners (SQEPs) under the National Environmental Standard for Assessing and Managing Contaminants in Soil to Protect Human Health has potential to drive a lift in the standard of work being completed around the country.  A group of senior industry practitioners has been pondering the question “what is a SQEP?” and they have concluded a fairly high level of experience is appropriate especially for complex sites. This paper looks at some of the common misconceptions and “dreaded industry” standard practices that can be used and abused on even the simplest of sites.  His  personal “top ten things a SQEP would know and recognise” features such old chestnuts as petrol floats, “lies, damn lies and statistics”, background wells, GRBCA (pronounced grrrrr beca or gut reaction based corrective action), misconceptional models and guidelines as de facto standards.  The paper draws on some classic examples of projects Martin has seen, perhaps even some learnings from his inexperienced early days in the field.  This, at times tongue in cheek, look at some of the challenges of contaminated land practice is intended to highlight the benefits of adopting a reasonably high threshold to the definition of a SQEP for all levels of work under the NES.  


Event: WasteMINZ Conference 2013

Date: Wednesday 23rd  October 213