The New Zealand Resource Recovery Park Design Guide (2008)

This document was prepared with financial support from the Minister for the Environment’s Sustainable Management Fund, which was administered by the Ministry for the Environment.

This Guide has been produced specifically for New Zealand conditions, although some of the general aspects of the Guide draw on information presented in other design documents.

Resource Recovery Parks (RRPs) are established to collect, separate and transfer recyclable materials and residual waste. In many cases, they also include operations such as composting, the repair and sale of used goods, associated manufacturing and retail businesses, and other activities adding value to the resources that have been recovered. RRPs range from small community-based operations that concentrate on resource recovery while also managing residual waste, to large commercial or public facilities associated with an established or new refuse transfer station or landfill. Often, they serve as a focus for education initiatives to encourage the community to minimise the wastage of useful items and resources.