Presenter:  Betsy Kettle, Auckland Community Zero Waste Alliance

Presentation title: Transitioning to 2040

Transitioning to 2040  There is a well-established recycling industry in Auckland despite a low waste levy,  low landfilling prices,  lack of mandatory legislation and a current government that opposes any legislation  hindering a free market  economy.  What else can be done  to reach  Auckland’s  aspirational goal of zero waste by 2040?  In the Waste Management and Minimisation Plan (WMMP) there is an overarching plan  that includes the establishment  a network of community recycling depots.  Underlying this network is the assumption that individuals and communities will  want to take personal responsibility for their discarded materials and  they will want a recycling depot in their neighbourhood.   Can the concept of Community Recycling Depots be put forward in a way that  garners community support rather than reacts to a NIMBY?   There are two parts to answering this—the community social marketing campaign and the physical design of the site itself.   Presented is the design of the physical infrastructure and how it supports the roll out of the WMMP, particularly the social marketing.  The result is a new urban typology describing Community-Based Recycling Depots.  By definition  these are not transfer stations, they take at least 6 processing modules,(recycling, reuse, hazardous, organic, C&D, product stewardship)  they divert  a majority of a community’s discards,  they engage  the community, they  clean up the local environment  and can fit into the urban fabric through thoughtful  design.     The metamorphoses is based on the Council WMMP combining both the proposed community awareness programs  and the infrastructure needed at ten year intervals.  The presenter seeks your feedback: would you want one of these in your backyard?    Betsy Kettle is a landscape architect with DB Kettle Consulting Ltd, a directing member of ACZWA (the Auckland Community Zero Waste Alliance)

Event: WasteMINZ Conference 2013

Date: Tuesday 22 October 2013