Presenter: Caitlin Scott,  Auckland Council

Presentation title: Understanding Waste Miniminisation in Auckland: insights from a major household study

All too often environmental and waste minimisation initiatives are developed with no reference to actual evidence about what drives peoples’ behaviour.  It is estimated that less than 50% of all environmental programmes are evidence based, linked to a sound programme logic, or are properly evaluated. The efforts of well know intellectuals such as Doug McKenzie Mohr have gone a long way to bring the term ‘behaviour change’ into wide use; but still few waste practitioners are afforded the opportunity and resources to pursue evidence based approaches, such as CBSM.     The Auckland Council Waste Minimisation Team has had the opportunity to undertake a major study of 3,000 households, looking at the behavioural drivers around recycling, reduction of food, garden, sanitary, electronic and hazardous waste.  This provides an unprecedented level of insight into the way people think about and manage their waste at a regional level. The information will be used to design education and engagement programmes for the region, in support of Auckland’s zero waste goal. The project raised a number of methodological considerations and lessons that will be of relevance to other TAs who interested in evidence based programme design.

 Event: WasteMINZ Conference 2013

Date: Tuesday 22 October 213