Presenter:  Dr Jeff Seadon, Scion

Presentation title:  Waste futures – scores of change

Based on past performance, over the next 20 years we will have:  • three changes of government;  • two significant changes in waste management; and  • one global financial crisis.  This paper considers the potential changes that these three events will bring to the waste sector in the light of the significant changes over the past two decades that have affected the sector.     Internationally we have seen two significant global trends impacting the sector while nationally seven pieces of legislation have significantly changed the way the waste sector does business. Sector innovations have been driven by both communities and the government.     In the future the sector will be asked to think and behave differently. The traditional solutions for waste of fling, flush and flame will not be adequate going forward. The challenge will be to work towards solutions that are not “silver bullets” but rather have an integrated effect to build towards a sustainable New Zealand. To achieve a sustainable New Zealand will require a sustainable waste management system. The characteristics of a sustainable waste management system and its context in the national and international changes that will occur as outlined above are considered.

Event: WasteMINZ Conference 2013

Date: Tuesday 22 October 2013