Four key industry and research partners: Water New Zealand, WasteMINZ, the Centre for Integrated Biowaste Research (CIBR) and the New Zealand Land Treatment Collective (NZLTC) are driving the development of a framework for dealing consistently with organic wastes. This approach aims to recognise commonalities of organic waste; describe quality criteria for beneficial reuse, increasing knowledge and streamlining regulatory processes. The proposal will create a framework for dealing consistently with organic wastes that will increase nationwide reuse and reduce landfilling. The proposal is for a new technical guideline that will supersede, update or reference to existing guidelines and standards e.g. NZ Biosolids Guidelines, NZS4454 Composting Standard etc. A workshop to introduce and examine this proposition was held at the WasteMINZ Annual Conference on Thursday 24 October, 9.00-10.30am. The  presentation, handout and feedback from participants can be viewed below