Below is a recording of the webinar on Lab Analysis 101, as well as the accompanying presentation.

The webinar was held on Tuesday 12 April 2016 and was presented by Graham Corban and Peter Robinson of Hill Laboratories.

The webinar covers:

  1. Selecting a suitable laboratory
  2. What IANZ means
  3. Information required by the laboratory e.g. chain of custody
  4. Sample sizes and containers that are needed for common tests
  5. An outline of laboratory quality control procedures
  6. How the laboratory carries out some common tests (sub-sampling, sample preparation, dry matter, pH, soil metals, TPH, PAH, BTEX)
  7. Uncertainty of measurement as reported by the laboratory

About the presenters:

Graham Corban is a Client Services Manager – Environmental Testing with Hill Laboratories. He has extensive experience in organics analysis and achieved Environmental Division Signatory status in 2006, and LAS Signatory status in 2008. Graham has a Master of Science (Technology) (Hons).

Peter Robinson is a Client Services Manager – Environmental Testing with Hill Laboratories and has been involved with the development of the Environmental Division. He provides technical support for clients and in-house staff, presents seminars for clients around the country and regularly interfaces with the Ministry for the Environment and the Ministry of Health. Peter has a PhD in Chemistry (Radiochemistry and Analytical Chemistry).