Below is a recording of the webinar on “NESCS reports – how to deliver what TAs expect”

The webinar was held on Thursday 27 April 2017.

Presented by:  Renate Schütte (Project Lab NZ) and Hollie Griffith (Waikato District Council)

TAs are reviewing an unprecedented number of NESCS reports associated with current residential, infrastructure and industry development pressures.

The quality of the reports being reviewed has been reported to be highly variable, ranging from reports that “tick all the boxes” and are also well presented and easily readable, to those that fall well short of meeting minimum requirements.

The purpose of the webinar was to provide some observations and insights into what makes for a NESCS report that not only meets with TA requirements, but also facilitates timely peer review and associated resource consent processing.

This 60 minute webinar covers:

  1. Overview of current situation
  2. Minimum expected NESCS report requirements
  3. The X-factor: suggestions for the ideal NESCS report
  4. Q & A

You can view the webinar by clicking here.