Below is a recording of the webinar on the Packaging Recyclability Evaluation Portal (PREP) tool, as well as the accompanying presentation.

The webinar was held on Tuesday 9 August 2016 and presented by Anthony Peyton from GreenChip.

Background: The Packaging Council of New Zealand (PAC.NZ) is investigating an online tool that provides brand owners with a standardised method for determining whether packaging can be classified as ‘recyclable’ in New Zealand.

The tool, called PREP (, was launched in Australia by GreenChip and Planet Ark in December 2014 and includes two main elements:

  1. How widely is an item collected at kerbside?
  2. Is it technically recyclable, meaning will it cause any issues after collection?

PAC.NZ has been working with GreenChip to analyse council collection data to determine suitable thresholds for the ‘Kerbside Access Levels’, which define how widely an item is collected. Additionally, GreenChip is consulting the resource recovery and reprocessing industry to validate the technical assessment framework.

This webinar serves to introduce the PREP tool. Furthermore, from Councils Anthony is seeking feedback on the proposed thresholds for the Kerbside Access Levels.

Once you have viewed the webinar. Please click here to provide feedback on the Kerbside Access Level thresholds.