Below is a recording of the Plastics 101 webinar. The webinar was held on Tuesday 11 August 2015. The webinar covers:

A brief introduction to the plastics industry in NZ (Ken Sowman, Business Manager, Plastics NZ)

Plastics 101 (Neil Edmonds, Director of Polymers & Coating Science, University of Auckland). This includes:

  • the properties of different polymers
  • the reasons polymers are selected for particular products
  • the barriers to using recycled content in products

Plastics recycling and environmental initiatives in NZ (Dennise Chapman, Chair – Environment Committee, Plastics NZ). This includes:

  • Plastics recycling in NZ
  • Plastic identification code
  • Design for the Environment

Q+A (10 mins)

Below you will also find copies of the related presentations.