Below is a recording of the webinar on Procurement Essentials – strategic context for waste services, as well as the accompanying presentation.

The webinar was held on Tuesday 5 April 2016 and was presented by Alice Grace and Ewen Skinner of Morrison Low

The webinar covers:

  1. Strategic planning of waste services
  2. Service delivery reviews
  3. Procurement processes
  4. Take home messages

About the presenters:

Alice Grace is a Senior Consultant with Morrison Low. Alice is an experienced asset manager and qualified engineer and has worked in local government and the private sector in both New Zealand and Australia. Alice has specialist expertise in solid waste management including landfill construction and operation, waste and recycling services, biosolids management and the aftercare of closed landfills. Alice has skills in strategic planning, complex procurement, contract management and asset management.

Ewen is a Director with Morrison Low.  Ewen is a qualified civil engineer with extensive experience working with local government across Australasia. He has been involved in a wide variety of projects for councils ranging from organisational and governance reviews through to infrastructure development and complex procurement and project management initiatives. Ewen leads waste management and sustainability team at Morrison Low and has been instrumental in the development of a number of best practice documents for both central and local government in New Zealand.