Below is a recording of the webinar on “China’s National Sword – Implications for Aotearoa

The webinar was held on Tuesday 27 March 2018.

China’s crackdown on the import of recycling materials has caused a huge market upheaval across the globe. While Aotearoa isn’t feeling it as acutely as some jurisdictions, there are most certainly long-term implications for the recycling sector. There are also many councils who are feeling nervous about their contracts, and the ongoing viability of collections.

This webinar gives a range of short perspectives on the current situation, as well as the potential long-term changes needed to make recycling a more sustainable endeavour.

A significant proportion of the webinar was devoted to audience Q + A.

Webinar panellists are:

  • Chris Purchas (Tonkin + Taylor) – Contract and planning advisor
  • Alice Grace (Morrison Low) – Contract and planning advisor
  • Grahame Christian (Smart Environmental) – Collector and MRF Operator
  • George Fietje (Auckland Council) – Council contract owner
  • Keith Smith (Flight Plastics) – Onshore processor

You can view the webinar here.