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Monday, 27 May - 10am-5.30pm

Healthy soil nurtures life, preserves ecosystems, and helps our natural world flourish – so why do we treat it like waste? 

Soil from construction, developments, and earthworks is often sent to landfill, with approximately 3.5 million tonnes of soil ending up in landfills and cleanfills every year.

In Aotearoa New Zealand we don’t have the facilities, mechanisms, legislation or infrastructure to enable soil reuse.

Can you dig it? The problem with the reuse of soils is a workshop aimed at getting everyone who deals with soil in the room to hash out the current barriers and come up with potential solutions for reusing soil.

If you deal with the management or disposal of soil in any part of your role, join us to learn about overseas innovations, brainstorm, and develop an industry solution to a country-wide problem.

The aim of this workshop is to use our collective knowledge to prepare a white paper to share with policy makers, legislators, and local and central government.

You can attend this workshop with or without a main conference registration - make sure you click on the right option when you register!