What are WasteMINZ's principles, values, and priorities? Find out

08.12.22 02:01 PM By WasteMINZ

We have released our updated strategy, following a review of WasteMINZ Strategic Foundations Document earlier this year. 

Here's a brief overview of what's in the strategy. You can read more in-depth information here

Our principles:

We exist to make a positive impact on Aotearoa New Zealand by:

Protecting and conserving our environment through a sustainable, ethical and consistent approach to our sectors
  • Providing a compelling evidence base to underpin our transition to a low carbon circular economy
  • Ensuring that investments in our sectors are strategically planned and take a longterm view Enhancing the visibility and mana of our sectors with communities and government 
  • Enabling our members to excel and thrive through supporting sector-wide advocacy, market intelligence, and continuing professional development
Our values:
  • We are stewards of our environment (Kaitiakitanga) 
  • Our success comes through working collaboratively (Kotahitanga)
  • Learning and best practice sits at the heart of what we do (Akoranga) 
  • We build the mana of others through nurturing, growing and challenging (Mana manaaki)

Our priorities:

  1. Inform and educate 
  2. Elevate and advocate 
  3. Connect and celebrate 
  4. Future-fit

How did we develop the strategy?

We sought responses from each of the sector groups’ steering committees on the following key questions:

  • What is their ambition for WasteMINZ and its work?
  • What is WasteMINZ doing well and needs to keep doing?
  • What is WasteMINZ not doing well and either needs to improve or let go of?
  • What else could WasteMINZ do well if it chose to invest time and resources?
  • What risks exist for WasteMINZ moving forward?

Responses to these questions then fed into a session with the Board and I in August, which was led by an external facilitator. 

The next step will be for me and the team to develop a plan of how the actions noted under each priority will be achieved.

Please contact Nic Quilty, WasteMINZ chief executive if you have any questions.