WasteMINZ Conference 2024

Frequently Asked Questions for exhibitors

Preparing your site

What are the dimensions of my site?

The walls are 2.3m high. Contact CJ on cj@wasteminz.org.nz if your display is going to be higher as she will need to seek permission from the venue.  

Other site measurements are:

o  Super Premium: 3.6m wide on the back wall, 3.6m deep on the side walls

o  Premium: 3.6m wide on the back wall, 1.8m deep on the side walls

o  Standard: 3m wide on the back wall, 1.8m deep on the side walls

Some sites are bigger and a specific size. Email cj@wasteminz.org.nz if you want to check these measurements.

How can I hire furniture for my expo site?

Contact Gwen at gwen@exhibitionhire.co.nz.  She can help you with most things you need to make your site look great, including:

      • tables;
      • chairs;
      • TV and AV equipment;
      • plants; 
      • and much more.

See Exhibition Hire's brochure for more information. 

The deadline for getting your hire orders to Exhibition Hire is Friday, 17 May, 2024.

Can I order AV equipment for my expo site?

Yes, you can.  Contact Exhibition Hire on  gwen@exhibitionhire.co.nz.

Does my site have power and lights?

Yes, each site comes with 2 x 150-watt spotlights and 1 x 10-amp power point with a 4-way multi box. If you need more lights or power, please contact Exhibition Hire at  gwen@exhibitionhire.co.nz This will be at your cost.

Can I attach my own TV directly to the expo site wall?

Not unless you have the correct wall bracket. To organise this, you will need to talk to Gwen at Exhibition Hire at  gwen@exhibitionhire.co.nz,07 847 4747 or 021 547 608.

Can I hang a sign from the roof?

Yes, subject to approval from the venue. Rigging must also be carried out by the venue’s operations team to ensure health and safety standards are maintained and it will be at your cost. You must complete Form 3 ‘Hanging Order Form’, included in the Exhibitor Toolkit and forward it to lauren.payne@h3group.co.nz no later than 21 days prior to the event.  All items are subject to approval based on the information supplied.

Can I put a heavy piece of machinery in my site?

Yes, but it must be checked and approved by the venue.  If the item is over 500kg/m2 you must provide the height, length, width and weight dimensions to CJ Dooner at cj@wasteminz.org.nz. If you haven’t done this already, please contact her urgently. If approved, you must provide a plan of how you are going to deliver, install, secure (where applicable) and remove this heavy or very large item. 

How do I attach posters to my site walls?

The walls are Velcro receptive, so it is best to use Velcro hook dots to put up posters. Velcro strips would be more suitable if the posters are heavy. You must not stick pins or nails into the walls.

Can I get an internet connection on my site?

The venue offers a free wireless service to delegates. This is suitable for checking emails and the like. If you wish to use internet or video on streaming at your expo site, you will need a dedicated internet connection. The cost is $210 plus GST per day. If you require this service, you will need to complete Form 2; ‘Internet Order Form’, which is included in the Exhibitor Toolkit, and forward it to lauren.payne@h3group.co.nz no later than 21 days prior to the conference. You will be invoiced for this by the venue and payment will be required before the event.

Tagging and testing

Do all of my electronic devices need to be tagged and tested?

No electrical devices or leads will be permitted at the venue unless written confirmation that a suitably qualified electrician has inspected the device and has certified that the device complies with the Electrical Standards AS/NZ 3760:2010. Any such certification must be dated within 12 months of the start of the conference and the in-date testing tag must be visible. If you are using internet or video streaming from your expo site, your device will need to be tagged and tested prior to the event.  You will be liable for any costs or damages to the venue due to the use of electrical devices that have not been tagged or tested.  There is no testing and tagging facility at Claudelands. 

Setting up

Where do I park and where do I unload?

You must park in the car park accessed via Gate 4 when you arrive at the venue to setup on Monday, 27 May.  You must then report to WasteMINZ’s registration desk. If you have equipment to upload, you can then drive around the side of the building to the loading bay (which is located at the rear of the building). 

When can I start setting up?

The exhibition build is due to be completed by 1pm on 27 May. You can set up your site after the build is completed, however, you must not enter the expo hall until the build has been completed. Your setup must be completed by 6pm on 27 May. People will start arriving for tea and coffee in the exhibition hall from 8am on Tuesday 28 May, so please ensure your site is fully set up before then. You must wear closed-in shoes and a high visibility vest when setting up your site (you are required to supply your own hi-viz vest). Hard hats will be provided by Claudelands, which must be worn when requested. 

Can I send freight to the venue and will the venue accept my delivery before the conference starts?

Yes, they will, but items should arrive at the venue no earlier than 9am, Thursday 23 May. You must contact the venue and make special arrangements for deliveries prior to this date. Deliveries will only be accepted between 9am and 5pm on weekdays. All of your items must have the delivery label on them, which is included in the Exhibitor Toolkit.

Can the venue store freight for me, until I arrive to set up my site?

If any storage is required prior, during or after the event, please notify CJ Dooner atcj@wasteminz.org.nz, who will arrange this with the venue. This will be entirely dependent on space availability and charges may apply.   

What if I have heavy items on pack-in day?

The venue has flatbed trolleys available to help you move items.  If you have something particularly heavy, come and see CJ Dooner at the registration desk so she can get some assistance for you from the venue. 

Where can I park during the Conference?

You must park in the car park accessed via Gate 4.

Where can I pick up my name badge?

Name badges can be collected from the registration desk in the foyer.  Please collect your badge as soon as you have arrived at the venue.

Where can I store items?

Items can be stored behind the expo hall. 

Best Expo Site Award

Will there be an award for the best expo site?

Yes. This year we are using the Conference app so delegates can vote for the Best Expo Site. 

Criteria will include visual impact, clear purpose, presentation, staff and key sustainability elements. The winner will be announced at the gala dinner on Wednesday evening.


Can we invite visitors to the expo?

Exhibitors can invite guests to visit the expo hall on Wednesday, 29 May between 3.30pm and 4.30pm. Please ensure your visitors collect their visitor’s badge at the registration desk.

Breaking down

When can I start breaking down my expo site?

The exhibition closes at 11am on Thursday, 30 May (as the morning tea is being held in the expo hall) and breakdown can then commence. Breakdown is not permitted before 11am and it must be completed by 12.30pm, as Exhibition Hire will start breaking down the sites at this time. You must wear closed-in shoes and high visibility vests when breaking down your site. You are required to supply your own hi-viz vest. Hard hats will be provided by Claudelands, and must be worn when requested.   

Can I leave items at the venue to be picked up on Friday, after the conference finishes?

Yes, you can, and outgoing delivery labels will be delivered to your site on the morning of pack-out day (Thursday, 30 May). The labels will also be available at the registration desk. If you are intending to courier items at the end of the conference, you must complete each label in duplicate. One label must be placed on the item that is being couriered and the other must be placed in a box at the registration desk. Leave the items that are being couriered at your site. All items left at the end of the conference for collection by couriers must be collected within 24 hours. The venue takes no responsibility for goods left on the premises past this time.