• Webinar: Producer Responsibility/Product Stewardship for the Circular Economy

    Friday, 29 September, 10am to 11am
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An international consortium of organisations and individuals across four continents have published a report proposing a new policy approach that accelerates the transition towards a circular economy. 


The report proposes a new form of producer responsibility as a policy tool that complements existing approaches to extended producer responsibility/product stewardship by internalising a greater range of economic, environmental and social product impacts, and utilising a new approach to product targets.

Reducing Resource Extraction and Use: Producer Responsibility for the Circular Economy is available to download now. The call to action in the report is for interested parties to help challenge and refine the approach, and develop it in different countries or regions. 


To support the engagement and exploration of next steps, WasteMINZ is hosting a webinar with experts in the field on this new approach. 

This 60-minute webinar will cover:  

1.  A new form of Producer Responsibility as a policy tool, which complements existing approaches to Extended Producer Responsibility/Product Stewardship, to accelerate the transition towards a circular economy

2.  This new approach suggests internalising a greater range of economic, environmental and social product impacts, and utilizing a new approach to product targets

3.  A Q&A session with experts in the field to explore this new approach, learn more about how it could be applied and help challenge and refine the proposals.

4.  Opportunities to discuss how this approach could be developed and tested for specific products and within the unique policy landscape and social and economic conditions that exist in different countries or regions


  • David Barnes - Manager at Zero Waste Scotland. He has worked on waste and circular policy for 17 years, working in local and national Government and for Zero Waste Scotland, a not for profit environmental organisation . This has included leading technical design work for Scotland’s Deposit Return Scheme, adoption of the Single-Use Plastics Directive, work on other Extended Producer Responsibility Schemes (including Packaging, Fishing Gear and WEEE) and the introduction of the carrier bag charge in Scotland. David was also involved in the development of Making Things Last, Scotland’s Circular Economy Strategy, Scotland’s National Litter & Flytipping Strategy and development of new statutory guidance for organisations on litter management. Other experience includes design and procurement of waste management collection operations and disposal contracts, and providing advice and support to the Food & Drink sector on energy, materials and water efficiency. David is a certified Chartered Waste Manager, from the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management.
  • Dr Alec McNeil - Manager, Resource Recovery at Christchurch City Council. He has been involved in the waste industry since the 1990s. Alec has held senior leadership roles in the private sector for UK waste management companies and greenfield start-ups. He has also worked in the public sector in New Zealand predominantly for councils. His waste industry experience covers all aspects of operational practice, strategic planning, and governance roles on several not-for profit Boards. Alec holds a Doctor of Professional Practice with his research topic being on Product Stewardship.
  • Jamie Fry – Government Policy Manager, Zero Waste Scotland. Jamie leads a team of policy analysts who provide technical support to Scottish Government for the full range of their circular economy policy work, including the Circular Economy Bill and Route Map, single-use plastics, extended producer responsibility (packaging, electricals and batteries) and food systems. He has worked extensively on the UK EPR schemes and led intervention design work for Scotland’s forthcoming Circular Economy Route Map. Prior to this he designed improved litter monitoring systems, supported local authority recycling service changes and assisted with climate change mitigation projects across Scotland.

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