WasteMINZ's 12 waste-free days of Christmas

12.12.22 02:40 PM By WasteMINZ

Christmas is upon us once again, and as we get ready to celebrate with our loved ones, sit around the tree, give gifts and eat way more food than usual it is a good time to think about how we can reduce the massive amount of wastethe festive season produces.

With all the wrapping paper, food scraps, plastic gift packaging, ribbons, bows, trees, name tags and single use food packaging we use during this month, it’s no surprise that landfills end up with so much extra rubbish.

The festive season creates 30% extra waste each year. In New Zealand we'll get through 1600 tonnes of wrapping paper alone, that's equivalent to 10,000 trees.

25,000 tonnes of plastic packaging waste will also be created and we'll waste a third of our Christmas food.

During WasteMINZ’s 12 Waste-Free days of Christmas, we’ll share tips and tricks for how to cut down your waste over the holiday period, including:

o  Sustainable gift ideas

o  How to avoid buying too much but still have a great Christmas.

o  How to wrap those presents sustainably.

o  Last minute shopping ideas to cut down on buying rubbish destined for the bin.

o  How to avoid food waste on Christmas day.

o  Leftover recipes from heaven from our friends at Love Food Hate Waste.

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