E-product stewardship co-design process makes progress

15.12.22 03:00 PM By WasteMINZ

Techcollect NZ is pleased to announce that the report with final recommendations for the proposed regulated product stewardship scheme for e-waste is now with MfE. The report includes revised recommendations based on feedback from MfE, including:

  1. Instead of all e-waste categories being included in the first iteration of the scheme, it is now limited to:
    • Category 2 (Screens, monitors & equipment with screens over 100cm²)
    • Category 5 (Small equipment)
    • Category 6 (Telecommunication equipment & small IT equipment).

 Under this approach, the remaining product categories are recommended to be introduced over the scheme’s initial seven-year accreditation cycle. This includes batteries (which are category 7), although any batteries embedded within in-scope product cats will be managed by the scheme.

  1. An indication of expected in-scope e-waste generation and corresponding scheme costs to inform advanced stewardship fee settings; and
  2. A recommendation for suitable targets for scheme access and material recovery.