Member Spotlight

19.03.24 03:01 PM By WasteMINZ

Repost: Using No.8 wire mentality to recycle CCA treated timber posts

Get to know our members and what motivates them to be part of WasteMINZ. This week, we talk to the team at Repost.
Repost's Dansy and Greg Coppell beside their posts at their farm

Tell us about your organisation

Processing staff with their Repost trailer

Repost is a family run Marlborough business that is both a portable waste solution for chromated copper arsenate (CCA) treated timber posts and a low-cost, recycling fence-post provider for the everyday farmer!


Annually, the viticulture industry sends around  1 million CCA treated timber posts to landfill. Repost's solution efficiently repurposes and re-sells them direct to farmers for a second life cycle. 

Why did you want to join WasteMINZ?

At Repost, we are striving to look at how we can grow our service to more regions and continue to reduce the number of posts headed to landfill annually, all while providing our posts to the larger agriculture sector. If we are in more regions, and if we are reducing more waste to landfill it will benefit more environmental stewardship.

Sustainability and recycling is what we do and our passion is to not only help the viticulture industry in their goal to be zero waste by 2050, but also support the backbone of NZ: the everyday farmer who needs to continue vital on-farm post maintenance.

Founders Greg and Dansy Coppell are passionate and its clear will continue to strive to make more contacts, collaborations and conversations. Joining WasteMINZ is an example of that!

What topic/issue are you most passionate about when it comes to waste/resource recovery? 

Repost's Stuart Dudley and Greg Coppell

At Repost we are passionate about the old farmer's No.8-wire mentality: being resilient and resourceful with what is in front of you. We are passionate about championing change in how NZ sees recycled materials, specifically CCA treated timber posts, for a second life cycle. We are working proof that a commercial scale business can be successful.

Moreover, we seek to change how posts are seen after large natural weather events. The Hawkes Bay Regional Council Silt Recovery Taskforce has been working alongside us since August 23’ and is proof that repurposing, recycling and donating stock back into the community for vital on-farm fence repairs can be done.

Circular economy, environmental stewardship, and inter-sector collaboration are our areas of interest. 

What are you reading or listening to right now?

At Repost, we talk to a lot of winery managers and farmers who have great stories. So today I (Dansy) have been drafting our brand new e-newsletter. Go to to sign up today and read about everyday yarns! (Gotta love a side plug!)

Describe your perfect day outside of work. 

Dansy and Greg Coppell with kids Freddie (7) , Fergus (5) and Bonnie (1)

Repost started at Springers Block- founder Dansy and Greg Coppell’s 500ha sheep and beef farm in St. Arnaud, Nelson Lakes. With 3 kids - Bonnie (1), Fergus (5) and Freddie (7), we love making a picnic, going to our hunting hut and sitting on the deck while the sun starts to go down and the boys play in the national park that backs on to the farm. 

With only us there, time slows down and we realise we are blooming lucky to live in New Zealand; in our opinion the most beautiful place in the world, hence our desire to do our part to protect it for generations to come. 

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