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In New Zealand, there have, to date, been few standards as to how waste data and information should be recorded, reported, and compiled. This lack of standardisation has meant it can be time-consuming and difficult to meaningfully collate and share waste data, or to accurately monitor the impacts of interventions on waste flows. 

Good waste data is important to enable the public, community, and private sectors to effectively plan, monitor, and report on waste issues and develop and prioritise solutions.

In 2015 WasteMINZ produced the National Waste Data Framework, which provided a voluntary method for Territorial Authorities to gather waste data. A copy of the 2015 Framework can be found here.

WasteMINZ, in collaboration with the Ministry for the Environment, is now updating the National Waste Data Framework to accommodate new mandatory data reporting requirements.  This update will make sure the Framework aligns with:
  • the expanded disposal facility and transfer station reporting requirements under recent regulations
  • the additional incoming data reporting requirements of disposal facilities and transfer stations and by Territorial Authorities (TAs) agreed to by Cabinet in May 2021, and
  • the proposed reporting requirements being developed as part of the transforming recycling consultation. These reporting requirements will enable councils to understand how effectively kerbside recycling collections are diverting waste from landfill.

This project involves drafting new Protocols and Standard Reporting Indicators.  The draft Protocols and Standard Reporting Indicators will then be consulted on to gain feedback on potential issues, opportunities, and gaps within these draft documents and to ensure they are clear and easy to use. Feedback provided during the consultation phase will be assessed and incorporated into the final Protocols and Standard Reporting Indicators

Additionally, an Insights report will be prepared to outline how the Framework will be implemented, managed and monitored, and how the Framework will be developed in the future.  This draft Insights report will also be consulted on with feedback incorporated into the final document, as applicable.

​What the Update is Not Doing

The Waste Data Framework Update is not:
  • Formulating a waste data strategy for NZ
  • Superseding the voluntary protocols in the Framework – these can still be used by TAs wanting to collect waste data
  • Specifying an IT system or similar for collecting and sharing data
  • Addressing collecting activity source information on diverted materials
  • Providing guidance on how to use OWLS, TAWLES or any other data collection system.