Member Spotlight: GORE® Cover - passionate about sustainable best practices for composting facilities

04.04.24 09:17 AM By WasteMINZ

In this member spotlight, we talk to Brian Fuchs, Global Business Director for GORE® Cover, who has been in the industry for more than 30 years. He tells us about GORE® Cover's passions for sustainability. 

Tell us about your organisation

GORE® Cover is a world leading technology for composting FOGO, manures, anaerobic digestate and biosolids. GORE® Cover is offered to the market by Sustainable Generation (SG). Sustainable Generation offers advanced, encapsulated composting technology using GORE® Cover, a highly engineered semi-permeable membrane that has proven, exceptional performance in reducing odours and GHG emissions while providing a clear separation of stormwater from process water. This technology is characterised by having the total lowest cost of ownership and ease of operations.

Why did you want to join WasteMINZ? 

The SG/ GORE® Cover team joined WasteMINZ to directly engage the organic waste industry. We view organics not as waste, but as a value-added resource, that can be recovered and converted into a beneficial reuse product for creating healthy soils. We hope to participate in WasteMINZ panel discussions and educational programmes that enhance the organics recovery market with proven solutions that produce a high quality regulatory compliant compost and meets strict environmental controls for protecting water and air. 

What topic/issue are you most passionate about when it comes to waste, resource recovery or contaminated land?

We are passionate about sustainable best practices for a well-run compost facility, that produces high-quality, odour-free compost. We are passionate about strong ethical business practices and a level playing field. We are passionate about making our customers successful. And we are passionate about servicing the customer using our experienced technical team to educate and deliver reliable, repeatable results that promote the organic recovery market with a proven composting solution with the lowest total cost of ownership.

What are you reading or listening to right now? 

Currently, my son is home for spring break (northern hemisphere spring) holidays, and we are watching the Avatar movie series. I find the story line of the Avatar movies interesting that in a off world futuristic setting, the writers made the interaction of the planet fully connected and how the organisms directly impact each other. Same as our own interaction between healthy soils, clean water, and air. We need to maintain healthy soils, these amazing micro-organisms in the organics process is what sustains life on our planet. 

Describe your perfect day outside of work. 

Aside from my day-to-day work activities, I am waterman at heart. I grew up on the New England coastline of eastern United States with a passion for the ocean. Boating, fishing, scuba diving and surfing. However, sailing is where my heart lies. I started sailing at 10 years of age in a small dinghy and over the years graduated to larger keel boats. I have sailed on racing boats in the Atlantic Ocean and cruised the eastern US inter coastal waterways and crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean. My perfect day is sailing to a secluded anchorage, dropping the hook, going for a warm water swim, enjoying a sundowner, and a golden sunset.