Recycling week 2023 - 10 years in the making

Waste is a big issue in Aotearoa New Zealand. Every year, we send over 12 million tonnes of waste to landfill, of which around 4 million tonnes is readily recyclable material. While Kiwis want to do the right thing when it comes to waste and recycling, it is often seen as too confusing and complicat...

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Getting ready for kerbside standardisation 2024  

With the start of standardised kerbside recycling quickly approaching, local councils across Aotearoa will be planning to launch new rubbish and recycling services. 


Cayley McLean, Team Leader for Waste Planning and Projects at Tauranga City Council, led the Behaviour Change programme for ...

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Tackling New Zealand’s 220,000 tonne textile problem
With New Zealand Fashion Week happening this week, a group of waste and textile experts are calling on the industry to start the conversation about what to do with more than 220,000 tonnes of clothes and textiles thrown out in New Zealand each year.
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WasteMINZ Member Spotlight
The team at Topflite are passionate about feeding your animal friends sustainably. Learn more about Topflite.
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Councils urge government to keep 50% waste disposal levy allocation
Council waste experts are asking the government to continue allocating 50% of waste disposal levy funding to local councils, to reduce ratepayer burden and ensure local infrastructure can be funded.
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Recycling has its place - let's work together to solve the waste issues
If we look at the waste hierarchy developed by the Ministry for the Environment, we can see that recycling has a key role to play. However, it’s not the first step to addressing our waste issues.
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The latest job listings in the waste, resource recovery and contaminated land industry are available here.
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A huge effort to reduce food waste and help people in crisis
Read about Gizzy Kai Rescue's learnings from helping out during Cyclone Gabrielle.
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Compostable products and packaging - not always compostable!
Packaging labelled as ‘compostable’ made out of paper, cardboard and other plant-based materials often can’t be processed by composting facilities because of contamination.
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Auckland Council: Putting people first in an emergency
We talk to the team at Auckland Council about their experiences and learnings from the Auckland floods and Cyclone Gabrielle.
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