We choose reuse - March 2024
Reuse stories from across the motu: Hamilton kicks single-use cups; Again Again provide reusable solution for craft beer bottles; Giving people a new lease of life with care packages; and find a Repair Cafe near you!
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Member Spotlight
Repost is a family run Marlborough business that is both a portable waste solution for chromated copper arsenate (CCA) treated timber posts and a low-cost, recycling fence-post provider for the everyday farmer!
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Safety leadership
Safety leadership is an approach for all leaders and employees alike that prioritises safety in the workplace. It involves establishing and implementing policies and procedures that adhere to regulations that ensure the wellbeing of all workers.
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Veolia's Innovative Insect Pilot: A Game-Changer for New Zealand's Waste Industry
Veolia New Zealand's pioneering insect pilot project aims to validate insect bioconversion, using the non-invasive black soldier fly, as a means to transform organic by-products into animal feed and create a truly local circular economy.
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Influence and Persuasion: Creating positive and longstanding safety and wellbeing outcomes 
Creating positive and longstanding outcomes can be challenging when you are trying to implement changes in your organisation. This article looks at how to effectively use influence and persuasion when creating change and implementing new initiatives or projects.
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Experts call on homeowners to be aware of the chemicals their landscaper uses
Homeowners should be aware that some chemicals commonly used by landscapers and contractors can contaminate commercial and home compost and could impact the growth of homegrown vegetables and other garden plants.
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We choose reuse
Learn about reuse initiatives in Aotearoa New Zealand.
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Tackling Aotearoa New Zealands waste, resource recovery and contaminated land management issues 
Waste, resource recovery and contaminated land management services and the associated infrastructure need to continue being classified as essential, WasteMINZ chief executive Nic Quilty says.
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International Compost Alliance to celebrate World Soil Day

The International Compost Alliance (ICA) is thrilled to announce its celebration of World Soil Day on the 5th of December, embracing the global theme for this year, "Soil and water, a...

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The potential for organic amendments to increase the carbon stocks in New Zealand soils - a summary
Read a summary of a research project to determine whether New Zealand can lead in increasing soil carbon stocks by reusing organic waste material.
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