Learn about the past to prepare for the future
For those working in waste management and contaminated land industries, relationships with iwi are expected to become even more important as the RMA reforms come into play.
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Our condolences
This week, we acknowledge the passing of Warren Snow, a resource recovery visionary and WasteMINZ life member.
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Lead the way - work better today

Raised objects or objects falling from height can injure or kill workers or others. These objects could be raised or lifted by cranes, forklifts, hoists, and jacks, or by hand. You should also consider equipment, materials, tools, and debris that can fall during work at any height. Followi...

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Climate adaptation plan released 
The government has released New Zealand's first Climate Adaptation Plan to deal with the effects of climate change. The plan contains strategies, policies and actions that will help New Zealanders adapt to the changing climate and its effects to reduce the potential harm of climate change, as w...
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Be part of the conversation about food waste
This September, we are holding Te Hui Taumata Moumou Kai o Aotearoa - New Zealand Food Waste Summit in Wellington.
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How can we reduce construction and demolition waste?
The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment recently completed a public consultation on: Building for Climate Change: Transforming operational efficiency and reducing whole-of-life embodied carbon.
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UN Treaty on Plastic Pollution
What you need to know about the plastic pollution resolution. Today, the gavel came down on a historic resolution at the resumed fifth session of the United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA-5.2) in Nairobi to end plastic pollution and forge an international legally binding agreement by 2024.
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Improving Aotearoa New Zealand's environmental reporting system
MfE consultation closes 18 March 2022. The Environmental Reporting Act 2015 (ERA) provides the framework for independent, structure and regular reports on the state of New Zealand's environment.
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Construction and demolition waste
From 1 April 2022, agencies covered by the Carbon Neutral Government Programme will have to make sure new non-residential buildings with a capital value over $25 million meet a minimum Green Star rating of five.
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New regulations for the trade in plastic waste
From 1 January 2021 you will need a permit from the Environmental Protection Authority before you can import or export certain types of plastic waste.
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